Communication Apps on iPad

Regardless of the type of illness or disability, it is widely used by children and the elderly. It is developed and sold not by assistive devices or AID, but by everyone to enjoy and use together.

The conventional method was to select characters one by one from the alphabet table, create words and sentences, and convey errands.

Yubidenwa has a mechanism to make everyday life more convenient and enjoyable by selecting one card on the screen. Such as talking, playing / stopping music, sending messages, turning on / off lights, etc.

We hope you enjoy talking, going out and studying with Yubidenwa.


In addition to tapping the screen with your finger, you can use it in various ways, such as operation with a mouse or head tracking, operation using a switch with the power of a slightly moving body.

A person who cannot see his eyes, cannot speak in his own voice, and can move his fingers slightly could operate a switch by himself while listening to an audio guide and enjoy playing the music he likes, and his smile was excellent.

Choosing one card is not difficult. If you can do that, the world that extends beyond is endless.

It is important to be able to tell someone what you want. More than that, communication is important in the life. The opportunity to connect people with a smile, that is Yubidenwa.

What is important is not the device, 
it is the freedom.

Contact to : Yoshi Takahashi – yoshi@yubidenwa.jp