Introduction of Office Yui Europe ; What we are doing in Finland and Japan.



Yubidenwa is app series which make your iPhone/iPad speak on your behalf when you are in a no-talk situation or when you have speech difficulties. Type a text or get Yubidenwa to say it by tapping one of those sentences. You may be able to manage entire conversations in this way. There are apps and hardware series of Yubidenwa. Read more about Yubidenwa(Japanese)


Sisulle ääni

We are a part of the project, “Sisulle ääni”, and working together with Finnish companies. Sisulle ääni (Finnish and English)


Company Office Yui Europe Oy

Establishment May, 2012
CEO Yoshiaki Takahashi
Motto Make relations between people with smile.
Business 1. Design, manufacturing, consulting, sales and import and export of computer software and hardware development
2. Planning and print publications, editing, publishing and marketing
3. Sales of clothing
4. Daily sales of goods
5. All businesses incidental to the preceding items
History May, 2012 : Established in Espoo, Finland
2013 : Moved to Oulu
Contact Email. info@office-yui.fi